Leather Accessories by Tiger Torre Art

Both practical and artistically designed,
these products are useful additions to your collection and wardrobe.
Most of these items are best picked out in person at our various shows,
but you can always e-mail 
Tiger to inquire about an item.

Leather Mugstraps Mugstraps Mugstraps

Concho Mugstraps
Black: $12
Color $15
MugstrapsSimple, Double Snap Mugstraps
Black: $7
Color: $10

Keepers and Mugstraps have dozens of uses - for hanging almost anything from your belt.
We have a variety of styles, snaps, conchos & buttons, in basic black & an array of colors.
Mugstraps range from $7 to $17 each in price &
we always have some of these in stock!

Skirt Hikes
Skirt hikes are for pulling a pinch of your skirt towards your belt.
They can also be used to hang a napkin or sash,
and have a snap closure for ease of dressing.
We have many different conchos and two ring sizes.
Black: single skirt hike: $14  Pair: $28
: single skirt hike: $17  Pair: $34

Skirt Hikes

Our barrettes have a french clip in the back,
and come in small, medium, and large sizes.
There is a variety of conchos, and colors used.
Black: $15  Color: $20



Our eyepatches are made for maximum comfort as well as fashion.
They are keyed left and right, and come a variety of colors.
Their $10 price includes elastic cords or strings.

Our pins are one of kind creations using excess leather to form
small, shaped pins.
They are then adorned with stones and feathers.
They have a simple pin back and are $15 each.

E-Mail Tiger to inquire about the availability of leather accessories.

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